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People are the soul of your business

Your customers ask for stability and reliability. And expect flexibility and individual care.
So do your employees.
We help you tune your employees to the same wavelength with your customers.

Reward Systems

Design and implementation of reward and recognition practices in line with your business model, governance and employer brand.

HR Information Systems

Implementation of effective data management and sharing solutions for the human resources management. Management of the selection, implementation and key user training for the HR information systems.

Organisational Efficiency

Design and implementation of workforce related measures for the productivity improvement and internal business process optimisation.


The last mile to perfection

You certainly know it: the project paper appears professional, the figures coherent, and yet – the desired effect does not come.
Or it comes quite unexpected.
We carry out the last mile offering you the most suitable standard service approach.

Interim management

If you want to extend your personnel related processes by a new functionality, but your current capacity, infrastructure or know-how are limited, we can take over a complete delivery of that functionality. You don't need to hire new specialists, or train the existing. Neither do you need to implement new HW and SW for the new functionality.

When you are seeking ways how to optimise current resources and structures - without having to undergo complete change or costly extension of your current systems, you may want to go for BLEND - a solution offering a diagnostics, focus on key improvements and integration of the best assets that you currently have.

If you need a short-term senior capability to manage a transition in HR, you may want to go for BRIDGE - interim management, short-term tactical planning and long-term strategic insight.


Your partner for workforce efficiency

The ways to workforce efficiency are manifold. Below are our experiences and solutions with our customers.


Efficient Organisation

In response to every larger problem that emerges – companies often tend to create a new job. Or even a new department.

The project was based on documenting the core competencies, „ideal“ value chain model and interoperational links. Closed operational routine was defined for each core process with measurable performance indicators. A transparent real-time modelling and control tool was implemented for the management for any future changes in organisation.


Digital HR

Estimated implementation time? Well, around three to six months.

Said the supplier. We front-loaded additional 6 months to clarify the needs and purpose, streamline the processes, eliminate inefficient intermediate operations, introduce an update routine and complete and consolidate the base data.
And some further steps to give a real value added to the digital HR concept.


Core Competencies

What is the key success factor for a restaurant? A Michelin star chef? A clever marketing or high-quality ingredients?

All are key, most certainly. And yet – different business models bring different value chains and require different key competencies.
The project aimed at defining the key competencies, identifying its holders and ensure top quality for these positions in terms of their retention, development and compensation.
You can’t have top quality in all jobs – your customers would not be willing to pay for all that.


Employer Brand

The Employer Brand is your boilerplate on the labour market. Logo, graphics, perfect colours, design, proportions, timing. LinkedIN, Facebook, Instagram, newspapers, TV, PR…

Our project was directed to what really makes up your employer brand: your employees as ambassadors of the company. Self-identification with their roles and their value added for the customers, recognition and comprehensible reward and personal comfort for each employee when reflecting their journey in the firm.


Salary Compass

Salary survey – noting but a souvenir photograph from yesterday for future-related decisions

The project aimed at developing an effective tool for salary policy planning and a real-time simulation of the impact of selected external and internal factors on the personnel cost for various scenarios.


Wasting talents in wrong job?

More than 30% of current jobs worldwide are expected to disappear in the next 20 years.
This will profoundly change the way businesses work as well.
If you are open to help our clients face these challenges, we would like to hear from you.
Please do not send your CV – brevity is the sister of talent.
Write a couple of lines instead about your current job situation and your deliberations for the future to


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